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At Home in the Body

Create Inner Balance


How do you know a house is stable? Thick walls? Tight roof? All of that. But much more important for stability is the foundation and the very first foundation stone.

If we think of our body as a house, where do we find the foundation stones that keep us balanced? Our feet, our legs? Not quite. We may stand on our feet, but what keeps us upright? What keeps us alive, whatever happens to us? What helps us to create our inner balance? The so-called lower or base senses play an enormous role here.

The lower senses (touch, life, movement and balance) are the basis for your inner equilibrium. When they "make sense" and provide you with their inner light, it makes you feel at home and gives you security. Self-doubt and even compulsions would be less.

With the course you get a collection of exercises that help you to support your inner and outer balance. They form a good basis for your health and help you to feel comfortable and at home in your body. The exercises are easy and you will learn many variations. Large and small movements, exercises while walking, doing and listening alternate. Exactly what the organism needs.

The At Home in the Body course package includes:

  • Daily practice consisting in two cycles, A and B, for 10 weeks
  • A collection of longer run-throughs
  • Background information and recorded Q&A videos
  • Supportive daily emails to assist with your course run-through

In the The forum for participants you can exchange ideas with those who are traveling with you and read the contributions and experiences of previous participants. It is accessible once you have purchased the course package.

To view the lessons click A, B, C, or Background Information:
Intense and Powerful
Same exercise daily for a week
New exercise every week

Daily practice 15 - 20 min
Duration 4 weeks

Variation and Change
Different exercise every day
New variation every week

Daily practice 15 - 20 min
Duration 6 weeks

Tranquillity and Relaxation
 Full sequences
for individual training

Practice time 1 hour each

Background Information
The 12 Senses
Tips for Practice

14 videos
freely accessible

We usually recommend starting with Cycle A, followed by Cycle B. This allows you to practice and deepen the exercises in different ways over several weeks. Depending on your preferences, needs and intuition, you can also choose another different order. And you can switch between cycles at any time.

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