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The At Home in the Body Course

Create Inner Balance

How do you know a house is stable? Thick walls? Tight roof? All of that. But much more important for stability is the foundation and the very first foundation stone.

If we think of our body as a house, where do we find the foundation stones that keep us balanced? Our feet, our legs? Not quite. We may stand on our feet, but what keeps us upright? What keeps us alive, whatever happens to us? What helps us to create our inner balance? The so-called lower or base senses play an enormous role here.

The lower senses (touch, life, movement and balance) are the basis for your inner equilibrium. When they provide you with their inner light, it gives you security. Self-doubt and even compulsions would be less.

With the course you get a collection of exercises that help you to support your inner and outer balance. They form a good basis for your health and help you to feel comfortable and at home in your body. The exercises are easy and you will learn many variations. Large and small movements, exercises while walking, doing and listening alternate. Exactly what the organism needs.

The At Home in the Body course is designed as a package of two cycles A and B, a collection of run-throughs and live recorded Q&A videos.  This will allow you to practice and deepen the exercises over several weeks in different ways. Normally we recommend to start with cycle A, followed by cycle B. But you can also start with any cycle you prefer according to your preferences, needs, and intuition. You can always switch cycles whenever you want

With each cycle, we offer supportive daily emails to assist with your course run-through.

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To view the lessons click A, B, C, or Q&A :
Feedback from Course Participants
Questions and Pointers
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Here you can see Theodor answering the questions relating to all of the course modules listed here.

These include general questions and questions about individual exercises:

  • Differences between the palms and the back of the hand
  • Senses and Elements
  • The Halleluiah and the lower senses
  • The secret of the third pair of wings
  • Why our legs are ruled by Jupiter and Saturn
  • The Seventh in the Musical Halleluiah
Package A
Variation and Change

Every weekday you do a different exercise and on Friday you choose one of the four exercises you have done this week. You repeat this flow from week to week with new exercises and videos.

By doing these exercises you will feel enlivened. Soon you will be able to move freely and self-determinedly through the basically infinite variations of these exercises.

Inside you will become more relaxed and supported by your inner power. This gives you the strength to approach your outer life with courage and to open to the many options available to you.

6 weeks

Package B
Tranquillity and Relaxation

After completing Package A you will know the exercises inside and out. Now you can do them in a relaxed manner and immerse yourself in the flow and context.

Because this approach brings a lot of tranquillity and relaxation, we usually recommend doing only one practice day per week during this phase, preferably on Saturday, and taking six weeks to complete this block of exercises. If you want to work at a more vigorous rhythm, you can do three sets a week and be done in two weeks.

We advise against daily practice in this phase, pausing and letting go is an essential part of the middle of something.

6 or 2 weeks

Package C
Intense and Powerful

You do the same exercise every day for an entire week, getting to know new aspects of it each time. Depending on the video length, this takes about fifteen minutes a day.

Then you move to the next exercise at the start of each week. As you repeat each exercise for seven days, you make it more and more your own.

Over time you will notice that you are not just doing an exercise, but you are accessing something that is deep inside you. This internal connection becomes more and more natural and diverse, and turns into a resource that you can access as needed.

4 weeks

How do we do the course together?
Check also the Resilience and Strength and  Relaxation for the Nerves courses which take place at the same time.

It's simple! Buy the course for its ordinary price and check the Forum for latest news. Start the run through on Sunday, September 18th and receive our daily practice instructions by email.

Duration of the run through:

  • Part 1 from 18 September to 23 October, 2022
  • Part 2 from 30 October to 4 December, 2022

How to enjoy:

  • Practice 10 minutes a day.
  • Share and discuss your experiences with participants in the forum.
  • Ask Theodor questions in the forum and in-between meetings.


  • Your resilience and strength to fight infections improves.

  • Your ability to recover more rapidly will increase.

  • Long-Covid damage will be lessened.
  • Your ability to face adversity and fears will grow stronger.
  • Self-esteem increases through the experiences of being on the road together.

Buy the course, familiarise yourself with its content and structure and let's start together on Sunday 18 September.

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