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At Home in the Body - Cycle C

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Tranquillity and Relaxation

After completing Package A you will know the exercises inside and out. Now you can do them in a relaxed manner and immerse yourself in the flow and context.

Because this approach brings a lot of tranquillity and relaxation, we usually recommend doing only one practice day per week during this phase, preferably on Saturday, and taking six weeks to complete this block of exercises. If you want to work at a more vigorous rhythm, you can do three sets a week and be done in two weeks.

We advise against daily practice in this phase, pausing and letting go is an essential part of the middle of something.

Duration: 6 or 2 weeks

All Exercises in a Row

HoH 6a Lower senses - Balance Week 1
Week 1
HoH 6b Lower senses - Balance Week 2
Week 2
HoH 6c Lower senses - Balance Week 3
Week 3
HoH 6d Lower senses - Balance Week 4
Week 4
HoH 6e Lower senses - Balance Week 5
Week 5
HoH 6f Lower senses - Balance Week 6
Week 6