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How do we address the lower senses?

To strengthen the lower senses and our inner and outer equilibrium, we have a certain set of gestures (vowels, consonants, tones, rhythms with arms and legs) available. But how do the lower senses know that they are meant and that the exercises are nourishment for them and not for another part of the body?

This question is demanding enough in itself. It becomes even more demanding against the background that Rudolf Steiner himself gave different sequences and assignments of the senses to the zodiac signs and thus their anchoring in the body every year. The upper senses usually have the same or similar assignments, but the lower senses tumble around cheerfully. You can find an overview below.

The key is that, in principle, any order works if you know why you choose it. It is important that the organism feels understood and can say Yes to it. The selected order must be sensible, i.e. understandable for you and the body.

For this course, we use Rudolf Steiner’s last sequence from 1921.