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Tuesday: Hallelujah A-E-I-U-O

Are you already tuned in? If not, look above under Tune in, to find an idea for preparing for eurythmy.

You can use this list to memorize and repeat the exercises without a video:

A - E - I - U

  • A - Receiving (forearm)
  • E - Strengthening
  • I - Striving
  • U - Wanting out

Light - Weight - O

  • Light triangle
  • Weight triangle
  • Light triangle - weight triangle - O

A -E - I - (u) O

  • As before
  • The O brings the experience of the U into the O.

After the video is over, do you feel like repeating the exercise by yourself without the video? Perfect! Then do that and listen to what you experience.

You look at the course preview. To get access to the exercises, you have to buy the course and be logged in.

Variation and Change

Every weekday you do a different exercise and on Friday you choose one of the four exercises you have done this week. You repeat this flow from week to week with new exercises and videos.

By doing these exercises you will feel enlivened. Soon you will be able to move freely and self-determinedly through the basically infinite variations of these exercises.

Inside you will become more relaxed and supported by your inner power. This gives you the strength to approach your outer life with courage and to open to the many options available to you.

In this course you get to know a fund of movement exercises that help you to support your inner and outer balance and to create a good foundation for your health.

Duration: 6 weeks