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Why is it important to tune in?

Anastasiia. Tamina Schlucht

If you ride your bike for ten minutes every day after a long break, your legs will immediately notice that you are doing something for your health! All you have to do is get on your bike and ride - and you will notice the result after a few days.

With the eurythmy exercises it is on the one hand easier - you don't need a bike, just yourself to do something for your health! On the other hand, this "being yourself" is not as easy to achieve as you think! How often are our thoughts completely elsewhere and not with ourselves and our body. If that is also the case when you do eurythmy, then you are unlucky - ten minutes are over quickly and you have not noticed any effect. Because you yourself are "the bike" that helps you to become healthier.

Especially with the short exercises, it is important to get in touch with yourself first, to tune in, and only then do the exercises.

Here you will find ideas on how to get in the mood for eurythmy. These can be preliminary eurythmy exercises, but also other things. Do something new every day and find out what feels more coherent for you. Find your own way to tune in!

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Variation and Change

Every weekday you do a different exercise and on Friday you choose one of the four exercises you have done this week. You repeat this flow from week to week with new exercises and videos.

By doing these exercises you will feel enlivened. Soon you will be able to move freely and self-determinedly through the basically infinite variations of these exercises.

Inside you will become more relaxed and supported by your inner power. This gives you the strength to approach your outer life with courage and to open to the many options available to you.

In this course you get to know a fund of movement exercises that help you to support your inner and outer balance and to create a good foundation for your health.

Duration: 6 weeks