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Tune in: I-A-O

This simple exercise may always be done when you wish to experience yourself and your center more fully.

With the I (the sound ee) you become upright. As you strengthen the downward stream, it allows you to grow upward. Now you can perceive the center between the space behind and in front of you, and open your heart.

In now slightly leaning back, you become acquainted with A (ah). You may experience the realm of forces which carry you and which allow your open heart to be filled from the widths that open up in front of you.

If you now perceive downward from the heart, you may notice an answering stream that quietly pulls you forwards. You come into contact with the supporting and upstreaming force of O (oh), which helps you to give your abundance to the world.

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Intense and Powerful

You do the same exercise every day for an entire week, getting to know new aspects of it each time. Depending on the video length, this takes about fifteen minutes a day.

Then you move to the next exercise at the start of each week. As you repeat each exercise for seven days, you make it more and more your own.

Over time you will notice that you are not just doing an exercise, but you are accessing something that is deep inside you. This internal connection becomes more and more natural and diverse, and turns into a resource that you can access as needed.

Duration: 4 weeks