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Tuesday: Wings - Fire

You can use this list to memorize and repeat the exercises without a video:

Beginning exercise "arriving at yourself"

  • In this exercise experience: sense of touch, sense of life, sense of movement, sense of balance

Rear wing

  • Streaming up, streaming down
  • Being carried back, being carried forward.

The eurythmy gesture for Libra

  • Formed out of the back room
  • Streamed through from behind
  • Outwardly calm, inwardly streamed through
  • Arriving at yourself. Balance


  • Hip swing, walking forward, accompanied by light C-gestures
  • Big C gesture: Bring feathers into the air with tender impulses. Listen to the sinking of the feathers until they reach the earth.

Fire element

  • Triangle of weight - triangle of light - O (human)
  • Weight triangle - light triangle - pull the light triangle down to the tip of the gravity triangle. Being inside - potential.
  • Bring in mobility with light C-gestures, let your body go along easily.
  • Concentrated mobility and transformative power inside, warmth in the airy surroundings.

After the video is over, do you feel like repeating the exercise by yourself without the video? Perfect! Then do that and listen to what you experience.

You look at the course preview. To get access to the exercises, you have to buy the course and be logged in.

Intense and Powerful

You do the same exercise every day for an entire week, getting to know new aspects of it each time. Depending on the video length, this takes about fifteen minutes a day.

Then you move to the next exercise at the start of each week. As you repeat each exercise for seven days, you make it more and more your own.

Over time you will notice that you are not just doing an exercise, but you are accessing something that is deep inside you. This internal connection becomes more and more natural and diverse, and turns into a resource that you can access as needed.

Duration: 4 weeks